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There are certain blood types that are more rare. Any of the blood types would perform the same function in the body. The rare blood types are needed for transfusions.

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Q: Is one blood type better to have than another?
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What blood type are you, and is one better than another?

I am type O- which is great because if any of my family needs blood I am always ready t donate. Yet the other way around if I need blood then I would have to find an individual with the same type with is about 12% of the population.

Is petrol better than diesel?

No, it is not better it is just another type fuel.

Can a father with O positive blood type have a child with O positive blood type?

Yes. In fact, the odds are better than any other type.

Can a certain blood type fight off aids faster than another?

I don't think any blood type could fight off AIDS.

Is Japanese candy better than American candy?

Whether one type candy is better than another depends on the consumer's preference.

Is one food better than the other for certian blood types?

Yes certain food benifit one blood type more than another. However it is helathy for everyone to eat plenty of fruits and vegtables, it's just that certain vegatables and meats produce higher benifit to certain blood types.

Can a mother who has an O negative blood type have a baby who has another blood type?


Is B- blood bad?

Not necessarily. It's just another type of blood, and there is no such thing as a bad blood type.

How do proteins determine your blood type?

I think it is the amount of a certain type of proteins Google proteins and blood type to get a better answer

Is type O negative blood more superior?

No type of blood is "better." Type O is more rare than say, type A, but that doesn't make it better. It actually can hurt him since in case of emergency and he needs blood transfusion, he can only get other type O blood, which, as mentioned earlier, is rare.

What is blood type B and is it rare?

Type B blood is rarer than type A and O, but more common than type AB. Individuals with type B blood have antigens in their blood that will attack other blood types if introduced to the body, leading to a hemolytic reaction.

Are blood type diets effective?

Experts say that blood type diets do not work any better than any other regular diets. They can actually deprive you of some nutrients you need, but with suppliments, they can be equally effective.