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If he has no interest in other women, but likes men and is dating you (assuming you're a girl) it probably means he is gay, but not ready to come out and tell people he is. I hope I helped.

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Q: Is my bf bisexual he doesnt ever look at women you even tell him to you dont care but all he is interested in is looking at guys and that's it he cant stop him self staring at men?
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This guy is always staring at me but he noticed that i noticed him staring at me and now he doesnt stare as often what does that mean?

It could mean that he was unsure how you would react to his staring and backed off when he realized you noticed him. It's possible that he may have been interested in you but felt self-conscious or uncomfortable once he knew you were aware of his behavior. If you are also interested in him, you could try engaging in conversation to see if he opens up more.

Why do boys look away dead quick wen you see him looking at you?

Probably because he likes you and is shy so he doesnt want you to know that he is staring at you.

What is Nicki Minaj girlfriend name?

She doesnt hhave a girlfriend. On an interview she explained that she wasnt interested in women ... or men for that matter.

How do you tell your bisexual guy-friend that the guy they like doesnt like them or isn't gay?

I would tell your bisexual friend that even though its hard to tell them but you have to because you're his friend. then nicely tell them that the other guy isn't interested and that there are better people out there for him.

What does it mean if he is not interested right know?

he doesnt like you at east not right now anyways. or he isn't looking to have a relationship. my advice move on

What does it mean when a girl likes you then you ask her out and she says im not looking for a boyfriend?

One of two things: 1. Exactly what it says she doesnt want a bf. or 2. She doesnt like you and is interested in someone else.

Is George Sampson bisexual?

It Doesnt Matter If He Is.... He Is Still Fit though :) x

What does it mean if boy doesnt like you because you kept on staring at him?

It means he thinks it's weird! Less staring= the boy will feel less creeped out. There's your solution.

How non-interested students of math manage to pass?

it doesnt mean that theyre not interested they can never pass the subj. some people just have a gifted mind but that doesnt mean they are actually interested in math.

What does it mean if a guy has been making eye contact for the past year but never approaches you so you stopped looking at him but he tries to make you look at him?

He likes you but just doesnt know how to make the move try asking him why he keeps staring.

Guy doesnt wave back?

Question is: Is he interested in you?

Havent seen my exboyfriend 4 2 months went 2 his house 2 days later after we spoke we were distant became closer the obvious happened i go is it a bad thing i came here. he says no its weird. meaning?

That isn't a good sign. He doesnt seem interested. If a guy is very interested in you he will look for you. If he doesnt come looking for you, dont go looking for him, because he doesnt deserve you.