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Q: Is mullberry bush sap harmful to humans?
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Is sap from oak trees harmful to humans?


Are daffodils or leeks poisonous?

The sap of a daffodil, which is not in the flower head, is toxic. Leeks are not harmful to humans; however, they are very toxic to cats, dogs, and other common pets.

Why aphids are harmful?

because the can kill plants by sucking the sap and vector plant viruses and diseases

Is a ladybug harmful or helpful?

Ladybird's favorite food is Aphid (greenfly/blackfly) which attack plants. Ladybirds are a beneficial insect and gardners and Horticulturalists encourage them.

Why so many ants on pussy willow bush?

Ants may be on a pussy willow bush if sap from nearby trees drip onto them. Usually, ants are attracted to sweet smells.

Is tree sape bacteria good or bad?

Tree sap is not caused by bacteria. It is produced by trees as a protective mechanism in response to injury or damage. Some bacteria may colonize tree sap, and their presence can either be beneficial or harmful depending on the specific type of bacteria.

Are honey and sap the same thing?

No, honey and sap are not the same thing. Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees from flower nectar, while sap is a watery fluid rich in nutrients that circulates through a plant's vascular system. Honey is used as food by bees and humans, while sap is essential for transporting nutrients and water within plants.

What pests are harmful to the cotton plant?

Boll weevils are harmful to the cotton plant. Also birds and Spiders are harmful to them. White flies cover the cotton balls in a sticky liquid called "honeydew" that is expensive to get off. They also suck the sap out of them. Bollworm, pink bollworm, and lygus bug are some more.

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What could humans eat in the wilderness?

Lots of stuff. Sap from trees,grass,animals,snakes,frogs,really alot of stuff!

What is a banana sap?

a banana sap is the sap from banana.

Is elephant ear palm tree sap poisonous to dogs?

Most palm tree species have sap that is poisonous to dogs. The elephant ear palm is actually a philodendron, not a true palm tree. Philodendron are poisonous to both dogs and humans.