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While it isn't advisable to consume moldy dairy products, for most people accidentally consuming some wouldn't pose a serious health risk. If you have any symptoms at all, there might be some nausea or diarrhea which will resolve on its own. Those with compromised immune systems would be most susceptible to serious illness. If anyone experiences severe symptoms after consuming mold in food however, medical attention should be sought.

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Q: Is mold found in milk dangerous if consumed?
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Is can milk with mold dangerous if used in a receipe and baked in oven?

Baking might kill the mold, but you would still taste it in the finished product. If you have to make the recipe, use water and 1 teaspoon of oil for the milk. That's for most recipes, some have to be milk.

How long will mold stay on white bread?

Until the mold has consumed all of the bread and all you are left with is the mold.

Which is more dangerous yeasts or moulds?

Yeast and mold are both dangerous in different ways. Yeast is dangerous because it can cause an infection. Mold is dangerous because it can cause problems breathing.

Are mold experiments dangerous?

no, but they are smelly!

Is mold on peaches dangerous?

yes it is

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Is pink mold on food dangerous?

Yes, anytime there is pink mold on food it could be very dangerous. There are some instances where mold on food could be toxic. Never eat any kind of foods that have mold growing.

Are moldy books dangerous to read?

Yes. Mold spores are dangerous to breath in and may cause an allergy attack or some other problem. Black mold is particularly dangerous.

How do you go about a renter that found black mold legal advice?

Your currently in the category of Health, not Legal advice. Black mold spores are extremely dangerous and can cause many different disorders and have proved to be fatal.

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Will drinking tea that has mold make you sick?

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