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As it is made from herbs.It is natural.There are many legal incense available in the market.

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Q: Is mojo botanical incense bad for you?
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Do mojo botanical incense get in your system?

from what i hear, the "mojo botanical incense" you get from the store only shows up as a hair cleansing product.

Does mojo diamond botanical incense show up on drug screen?

Depends. Mojo diamond will not show up on your standard drug screen because they do not test for Damiana which is the chemical in mojo that gets you high. However I have heard of the military testing for damiana but I couldn't tell you if there is any truth to that or not.

How long does mojo incense stay in your system?

How long does mojo stay in your system

What is the cheapest botanical incense?

pine cones

When did Bad Mojo happen?

Bad Mojo happened in 1996.

Can smoking incense such as swagger and mojo harm you?

Yes, the chemical in it that causes the high (JWH-018), was created as an experiment and is way more potent than, THC. Smoking any botanical incense is more dangerous than pot. pot has no harmful health effects, maybe it should be legal instead of these unsafe chemicals.

What is mojo botanical incense?

Botanical Incense is usually defined as aromatic organic phenomenon materials that unharness a sweet smelling smoke once burned. The term will talk to the smoke or to the substance burned.

Is mojo incense safe to smoke?

I've had no problems. Individual results may vary.

When was Bad Mojo created?

Bad Mojo was created on 1996-02-29.

What does mojo incense do to you?

it can make your heart race real fast and if u panic u can die

Who is selling Mad Hatter incense wholesale?

Mojo Dist. is selling authentic Mad Hatter Incense Wholesale. Feel free to call them on 866 866 8005. I buy Bazarro Incense and AK 47 Incense from them too. Customer service is great whenver you call them.

What is red bird botanical incense?

The best substitution for marijuana on planet earth ! I smoke it often .