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no, but too much salt might ruin the flavor of milk.

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Q: Is milk and salt together bad for health?
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Why is salt bad for cells?

salt is bad for health because the cell shrinks when the salt goes into the cell

Is mixing hot water and milk harmful to health?

Unless the milk was bad to begin with - no.

Is it ok to drink milk after you drank lemonade?

No.It's not because its bad for your health

Adding salt in dogs food is good or bad?

Its bad for dogs that have salt in it or on it. Bad, dogs do not need extra salt in their diet, giving it to them could cause health problems. There is already more than enough present in their food.

What does too much salt do to you?

Well, nothing really. However, it's bad for you if you eat too much. It is bad for your health

Is full cream milk bad for health?

Reasonable amounts are not bad, but don't have too much because it can be high in fat and sugars.

Is it bad to eat cereal before eating fish?

It is not bad unless milk and fish together don't agree with your stomach.

Why is yellow coloring bad for you?

Only Gowda cheese made from Yak milk is yellow, its good for health

You like really salty porridge is this bad for your health?

Too much salt can indeed be bad for you, it tends to increase blood pressure for instance.

What does cheese contain?

It contains milk and fat. Which is actually bad if someone consumes too much of it.

Why is your health important?

Health and life go together. You have to have one to have the other. Or, if you have one, you would certainly wish to also have the other.

If you're diagnosed with low sodium in your blood what are the health risks?

Low sodium levels in the blood can lead to symptoms like weakness, confusion, seizures, and, in severe cases, can be life-threatening. It can disrupt the balance of electrolytes in the body and cause complications with nerve and muscle function. It is important to seek medical attention to address the underlying cause and prevent any serious health risks.