Is marmite good for you or not?

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marmite is good for you

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yes it is very good for you

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Q: Is marmite good for you or not?
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How does good bacteria in marmite work?

bacteria in marmite

What foods are good to eat with Marmite?

well, if you go on nigella lawson, she made a marmite pasta. I tried it and belive it or not it was amazing.

What are good fillings for a sandwich?

Ham,cheese,jam,penut Butter, Marmite, chocolate spread and egg mayonnaise. make a marmite sandwich, then boil an egg, shell it and slice it. put the egg in with the marmite! yumm!

Can chickens eat marmite?

A small amount on some scaps would not harm the chicken but marmite is high in salt content and would not be good for the chicken in large amounts.

What is the name of the marmite song?

The Marmite music was Low Rider by War. The Marmite music was Low Rider by War.

Has marmite been banned in the UK?

No. Marmite can be sold in the UK.

When was marmite invented?

marmite was made in when everyboby is died

Is marmite bad for cholesterol?

is marmite bad for high cholesterol

When was The Marmite Sisters created?

The Marmite Sisters was created in 1984.

When did The Marmite Sisters end?

The Marmite Sisters ended in 1994.

How many calories in Marmite?

There are about 10 calories in 1 tsp of Marmite.

In New Zealand I was always told Marmite was a meat extract and vegemite was a vegetable extract product Was marmite ever made with meat?

No. Marmite was never made with meat. It is possible that the confusion arose because the name "Marmite" was taken from the word marmite which is a French stock pot or cooking pot. The French pronunciation for the French pot marmite is "mar-MEET." There is some possibility, too, that the name Marmite may have been taken from a famous French soup, petite marmite.

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