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Peyote contains mescaline (among many other alkaloids) which is responsible for the psychedelic effects.

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No, psilocybin comes from the psylocibe mushrooms

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Q: Is marijuana made from the peyote cactus?
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What is the peyote producing plant?

Peyote comes from the peyote cactus or Lophophora williamsii.

What cactus plant that has a high propability in curing cancer?

Peyote Cactus

Is the African peyote cactus seed or seedless?

Peyote is a cactus found in Mexico and Southwestern US with hallucinatory properties. All cacti have seeds.

What is the slowest plant to grow?

Peyote cactus

How do you spell pyoettie?

Peyote. If you mean the cactus :)

What eats the African peyote cactus?


What is a common type of poisoning by plants?

Many cases of plant poisoning involve plants that contain hallucinogens, such as peyote cactus buttons, certain types of mushrooms, and marijuana.

Where exactly can I find or get Peyote?

you pick it off a cactus

Hallucinogenic substance present in the peyote cactus?


What hallucinogenic substances are found in the peyote cactus?

There are many substances that lead up to the high caused by peyote cactus. But the main substance that causes the high is Mescaline. I personally wouldn't go for Peyote as it is extremely long to make and extremely expensive to buy made. 3 Grams is the usual dose but it takes about 10 years to fully grow one tiny matured peyote. I used to be interested in this cactus before i found this out. Try ayahuasca. It takes a long time to make but the ingredients are quite cheap and easy to cultivate. :D

What is the addictive substance in cactus?

Not all cati contain hallucinogenic properties, but the well-know peyote cactus contains mescaline. Mescaline is not necessarily an addictive substance, and peyote is not the only plant that contains Mescaline.

How much water does an African Peyote Cactus need?

it need 100 letres