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Q: Is majority of the world short average or tall?
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What percentage of the world is short tall or average?

100% of the world.

I am 13 and 5'3 Is this more on the tall short or average side?

Depends on your gender. If you're a girl, you're about average, or somewhat tall. If you're a boy, you're short to average.

Is 5 feet 7 inches short for a guy?

It is subjective where 5'7" is considered short. In the Philippines, 5'7" is relatively tall as the average man there is 5'3-5'4ish. As for America, it is statistically considered short there. So overall, in the world, it is average. But realistically, any height from 4'11"-6'4" is in the realm of 'average', as heights vary this much throughout the world.

Was Napoleon tall for his time?

No. There is dispute whether Napoleon was short or average height, but he was not tall for his time.

Is messi short or what?

Messi is 5'6-7 inches tall no he isn't that short kind of average

Is 5 feet and 4 inches tall short?

There is no specific short or tall in the world of maths. It all depends on you.

What is the average height of an thai woman?

It is a stereotype that Thai people are short but that is NOT true there are short people and tall people there for I can not answer your question!!

Is kumar short?

No kumar is not that short. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. That is almost the average height but surely not short.

Was Albert Einstein tall or short?

Albert Einstein was of average height, approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall.

How tall was Elijah Muhammad?

The Messenger of Allah, was not excessively tall or short i.e. He was of average height.

Short stack how tall are they?

defo not short; a bit taller than an average person. I met them at a meet and greet (:

What is the average weight for a ten year old?

It actually depends on how tall or short you are.