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Q: Is magnesium citrate bad for your health?
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Does magnesium citrate dissolve food in your stomach?

Magnesium citrate is used as a laxative to relieve constipation. Magnesium is important to muscle and nerve health, but plays no role in digestion.

Chemical reaction involved in the preparation of magnesium citrate oral solution?

Magnesium citrate oral solution is prepared by reacting magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate with citric acid in water, which forms magnesium citrate. The reaction involves the magnesium compound reacting with the citric acid to form magnesium citrate salt and water. The resulting magnesium citrate salt is then dissolved in water to create the oral solution.

Side affects of too much magnesium citrate?

Magnesium citrate pulls water into the bowls. Too much magnesium citrate = many visits to the bathroom.

Does magnesium citrate cause large bowel movements?

Don't know about magnesium citrate, but magnesium tablets sure did, in my case.

Does magnesium citrate contain sodium phosphate?

No it does not. Magnesium citrate and sodium phosphate are two different compounds.

Where can you purchase Magnesium Citrate?

Hi, I found your question online and I am looking for it as well. Did you find out where your can get the magnesium chloride powder? Thank you

Can pass a drug test by taking magnesium citrate?

so magnesium citrate will flush thc out of my system, how long will it take

Is maxitrate the same as magnesium citrate?


What is the chemical equation for the reaction of citric acid and magnesium chloride?

you get water and magnesium citrate Mg(OH)2 + C6H8O6 = 2H20 + C6H6MgO6

Is liquid magnesium citrate safe for consipation?

Yes, you can drink a magnesium citrate solution to stimulate bowel movements. Follow directions (drink lots of water over a period of several hours, before drinking the magnesium citrate - it will work much better that way).

Drinking magnesium citrate causes you to lose weight?

Magnesium citrate is a laxative that is used to relieve constipation or to cleanse the bowel before surgery. Yes, drinking magnesium citrate can cause you to lose weight because of severe diarrhea. However, it should not be taken for weight loss purposes.

Does magnesium citrate oral solution Clair your urine?