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Q: Is lung capacity testing a standard procedure during a medical screening?
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What is genetically screening?

Genetic screening is a through testing process that analyses a person DNA. Genetic screening is usually a medical procedure that tries to establish any disorders in the DNA system.

Can you pre pay a medical procedure?

Yes, and in fact this is standard procedure in most cosmetic dermatology practices. Yes, and in fact this is standard procedure in most cosmetic dermatology practices.

What is Maternal serum analyte screening?

A medical procedure in which a pregnant woman's blood is drawn and analyzed for the levels of certain hormones and proteins

What is the medical procedure pelvic exam?

A pelvic examination is a routine procedure used to assess the well being of the female patients' lower genito-urinary tract. This is done as part of a usual health screening and prevention tool.

What is screening in medical terminology?

Screening in medical terms means trying to detect a disease for which the patient is not showing signs or symptoms.

What specifically is ablation?

Radio Frequency ablation is a medical procedure used to treat tumors. This is done in conjunctin with something like x-ray screening, CT scans, or ultrasounds.

What is medical code 4004F?

Medical code 4004F is for tobacco screening.

What is medical procedure code 240?

What is medical procedure 24000

What is medical procedure code 92133?

What is medical procedure code 92133

Define what is health appraisal?

it is a procedure to determine the health statue of the student..... it is through the use of teachers observation,screening test,health histories,medical and dental inspection and phycological test -------------->>>>>>> iszhpadilla

What is medical procedure code 88175?

Cytopathology, cervical or vaginal, collected in preservative fluid, automated thin layer preparation; with screening by automated system and manual rescreening or review, under physician supervision

What has the author Alison Hann written?

Alison Hann has written: 'Health Policy and Politics' 'The politics of breast cancer screening' -- subject(s): Breast, Cancer, Diagnosis, Medical screening, Political aspects, Political aspects of Medical screening