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Love and evolution are different paths

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Q: Is love just a product of evolution?
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What did Darwin believe about emotions?

they are a product of evolution

Did Huxley writes that the theory of evolution was by no means the sole product of Darwin?

Possible so, as the theory of evolution by natural selection, though his greatest product, was by no means Darwin's only production. Just before he died he produced a treatise on earthworms that is still relevant today.

Is love a true emotion Or is it the bi-product or build up of true emotions like empathy and respect?

True love is a feeling that we just feel. You can't explain love. Love just happens. You can't describe it. You just know when your in love.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love Evolution - 2011?

The cast of Love Evolution - 2011 includes: Bono as himself Petra Nemcova as herself

What did Charles Darwin believe about the origin of emotions?

They are a product of evolution.

Is love formed from evolution?

No its a learned emotion

Where can I find more information on Asics gel evolution ?

They have there own website where you can see more detailed descriptions on the product. I would also search for product reviews. Just because it looks good on the website doesn't mean it will be when you buy it.

Who created Helix?

No person created it. It was a product of evolution. Watson and Crick discovered it.

The by-product of the metabolism of cyanobacteria that had the most effect on the further evolution of life is?


Why do people get cusp of carabelli?

Evolution. Just more proof that evolution is just playing around. It serves no purpose.

What will the 'final' stage of evolution of Human Beings look like?

There is no final stage in evolution. It does not have a goal or end product to aim for since it doesn't have an aim. It's just an ongoing process without an ending; well, when the earth becomes uninhabitable for all life then it will end.

As a promodizer How can you convince the customer to buy the product?

just keep respect and convince the costumer with your smile and pure love with them