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LOVE IS EVERY THING IN A RELATIONSHIP IF THE PERSON YOUR WITH DONT BELIVE IN LOVE THERE NOT GOOD FOR NOTHING AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL GO NO WERE. Answer If the love is great enough it can overcome many obstacles. Love IS EVERYTHING in a relationship because without it the relationship cannot flourish and be everlasting.

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Yes, i honestly think with love in any relationship you are unstoppable and can do anything and everything. Love is such a strong and powerful feeling and is like no other, so it's important to find the right one to share this with.

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Chirag Daruwalla

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Love is a sacred feeling that takes a relationship to the right level. Love is very important for any relationship to flourish.

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Q: Is love enough to keep a relationship going?
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How do i keep my relationship going with my boyfriend after he enlists in the navy?

Write and call him once in a while. Distance should not separate love.

What should you do if you like your boyfriend but you are not sure if you really love him?

You don't to love him absolutely to be going out. If your relationship is fine as it stands now, then you needn't worry about whether you love him or not. If you don't think you can keep it going, then talk to him about how you feel and you should be able to figure out what to do.

How do you know if you can keep a relationship?

There are many factors but ultimately you know if you can keep a relationship if the 2 people involved are both having their needs met. A long term relationship is about growing (not always at the same rate) and sharing, joining two lives to co-exist in a healthy manner. Love is a big factor but as we grow the type of love changes, respect and a good solid foundation are essential. Trust is needed to keep a relationship going. Finding out what each person expects and requires to be happy with the ability to care about the other person as much as oneself. It is not enough to want the relationship to work, you have to have open lines of communication, be heard and acknowledged and appreciated to make a relationship work. If you have all of the above you can keep a relationship.

What happens if you lose your love?

Keep going for your love. Even if its a girl or a boy, keep going.... Make her or him like you.

What should i do if im in love with my foreign exchange student and im 4 years yonger?

Age difference does not matter provided he/she is of the rightful age too. What is important is love because love will keep the relationship going.

What if you love someone that is far from you?

You do the best that you can to keep the relationship going if you are planning a future together. If this is an open relationship then you see other people if not stay true to your distant love until you can be together forever. Dont hang on to false hopes and wait forever.

If you are not IN love with your husband should you separate from him?

You can love someone but not be in love with them. Then it is up to you to decide what the pros and cons are in the relationship and if this is enough to make and keep you happy in that relationship. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i am ready for married i am Indian boy my age 21 my famliy poor come to nri girl for married my contact please contact

How do you get over a long relationship with your first love when you keep going back to him and he has screwed you over numerous times?

you should try moving on and observing other guys.

Are terrence and rocsi going to break out on their relationship on 106 and park?


Is it ok to say 'i love you'after 3-4 months of being in a relationship?

You should say it at the start of a relationship and keep reminding him/her how much you do love them.

Why wont he tell you i love you?

guys dont like commitment. (im a boy) They prefer just having fun, going out to places and stuff. Then just wait and keep your relationship going as it is and eventually you will be surprised what he says

Did Clara Barton ever love someoneIf so who?

Clara actually did love someone. His name was John J. Elwell he was married with children. She didn't want to separate them in any way so she did not keep the relationship going