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The numbers indicate NO!

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Q: Is living together before getting married better for the marriage?
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What is love before marriage?

love before marriage is when you see love at first sight and stay together until you get married

Is living together before marriage illegal?

It is a matter of opinion and no ones business, but the couple involved. For convenience sakes many young people (even some older individuals) will live together without getting married or live together until they do get married. It is only wrong is eyes of the couple. The downside of living together before marriage is the couple has been living like a married couple so it takes the excitement and joy out of any upcoming wedding because what is left? The couple has lived together for 1 or more years; done the same things a married couple does and by getting married they have lost the part of the excitement of not living together and waiting for the day of their wedding and then having their wedding night whether they have had a sexual relationship before or not. Then they get to live together and experience the joys and some downsides and make a future for themselves.

What is the difference between breasts before and after marriage?

Getting married does not change breasts. Weight gain or loss and exercise, and pregnancy can change them. But not just getting married.

If two people cohabited for ten years before getting married would those ten years be treated as part of the duration of the marriage if the marriage ended very shortly after?

No. It is the legal paper that matters in court. If you were together 60 years, then married for only 2 and divorced, the law says you were together for only 2 years.

How long after you get a marriage license do you have to get married in Texas?

After getting the marriage license, you have to wait 3 days before you can get married, and after 30 days it will expire

Is armin van buuren married and to who?

Armin van Buuren got married on September 17, 2009 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The marriage was blessed in the church of Wassenaar the day after. Armin married Erika van Thiel and they had been together for 10 years before getting married.

How long before you are common law married in Tennessee?

A marriage is considered common law after 7 years, but the disadvantage of a common law marriage is that you are not protected under the laws of a marriage that comes with getting married. It is smarter to get married and have the protection of laws of inheritance, support, retirement, and credit that comes with marriage.

Was Gandhi ever married before he got married to Kasturba?

No, Gandhi was not married before Kasturba. His marriage to Kasturba was his first and only marriage.

Was June Carter married before Johnny Cash?

Yes, she was married twice before she married Johnny Cash. Her first marriage was before Johnny Cash's first marriage.

How long should you date before marriage if you are over 50?

The time that you should date before getting married if you're over 50 will be a personal preference. Some people have dated for just weeks before getting married.

Why do you think wedding tradition vary so much by culture and religion?

It is belived that one god but the traditions are different because the ancestors are used to that way.for eg christians have a long process before getting married engagement,a get together on the night before the marriage etc.

Can you get marry at 16 in Germany?

No, getting married this young is very unusual in Europe. In Germany it's more common to live together for some years and even have children first before marriage. You can legally marry at 16 in Germany but there are certain requirements you have to fill.