Is lice dangerous

Updated: 9/7/2023
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No but there stings hurt. Just put some aloe on it.

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It can be very dangerous to some people with a fragile scalp. For others it will make their head itch and itch.

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Q: Is lice dangerous
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Why is head lice dangerous?

Lice are not dangerous! They just make your head itch and may leave a rash...

What danger is associated with lice infestations?

Lice infestations are not dangerous infections by themselves.

What was the disease like in the Warsaw ghetto?

the desease called typhus a dangerous illness spread by lice

Why were nurses were brought on to the set of a Harry Potter film?

Just in case of an accident. They were and still are doing dangerous things on the sets. In Chamber of Secrets there was an outbreak of head lice.

Can a drug user get head lice?

yes any one can get head lice but it can be highly dangerous if yu have a blood desise and have nits cause cause they will go to someone elses head and give them that blood

Do all shampoos have kerosene?

No, it's a bad idea-kerosene is sometimes used for lice but dangerous and there are better methods less damaging for your hair

What happens when you get lice?

If you get head lice your head starts itching but they are not dangerous at all but they may cause head sores

What is the term meaning an infestation of body lice is?

Pediculosis this is an infestation of lice whether it be body lice, pubic lice or head lice.

What can lice be mistaken as?

Lice Eggs and Lice Nits are usually mistaken as Dandruff and Dandruff is usually mistaken as Lice Eggs and Lice Nits

Can dogs get nits?

no dogs can not get lice they can only get a different lice which is dog lice not head lice which humans get so basically no dogs can NOT get nits (lice)

Do you say Lice is or lice are?

"Louse" is the singular form; the plural is "lice".

Were nurses on the set of Harry Potter because there was a breakout of head lice?

You don't need a nurse to get rid of head lice however they were there for Chamber of Secrets because of that. Some of the stunts they do are dangerous and there has been a fair share of accidents such as Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double and there was a fire as well.