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It is technically both

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Q: Is lamp oil a lipid or nucleic acid?
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Can you use nucleic acids for lamp oil?


A lipid that undergoes hydrolysis yields arachidonic acid and glycerol Was the lipid a fat or an oil?


What kind of macromolecule is vegetable oil?

cooking oil is a lipid macromolecule. The other types are carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids.

Is olive oil a lipid or a starch?


What question can you ask for oil larva lamps?

What? What is an oil lava lamp made out of? What is an oil larva lamp? How? How does it work? Where? Where can you by an oil larva lamp? Where was the first larva lamp invented? When? When was the first oil larva lamp made? Why? Why was the oil larva lamp made? Why do they call it the oil larva lamp? By Shanti Lavea

What kind of lipid is olive acid?

Perhaps this question is related to olive oil. This is a fixed oil obtained from ripe olives mainly in Mediterranean sea countries. This oil is basically formed by mixed glycerides of oleic acid (83.5%), palmitic acid (9.4%), linoleic acid (4.0%), stearic acid (2.0%), and arachidic acid (0.9%). Minor components are: squalene (0.7%), and phytosterol and tocopherol (0.2%).

Is beeswax a lipid?

Yes, any wax or oil is a lipid.

Is oil a carbohydrate?

no. oil is not a carbohydrate, its a lipid.

Do all oils contain lipid?

All natural oils that we use for cooking contain lipids. These lipids are made from glycerol attached to 3 unsaturatedfatty acid chains. This makes the lipid a liquid at room temperature; an oil.

What is an lipid?

A fat or an oil

Is canola oil lipid?


What do Organic compounds mostly contain?

sperm No carbon-based molecules. Surgar, starch, oil, protien, nucleic acid, and even cotton and plastic.