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Q: Is lactated ringers the same as ringers lactate?
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Why does water for injection not require sterilization?

Normal saline or lactated ringers, or ringers lactate, is already sterilized. It needs no further sterilization.

Is lactated ringers or NS given for high blood pressure?

lactated ringers

What is D5 LR?

5% Dextrose in Lactated Ringers Soltuion.

What is lactated ringers and what is its purpose?

Lactated Ringers is a type of intravenous fluid that contains electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and calcium. Its purpose is to restore fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, especially during situations like dehydration, surgery, or critical illness.

What is the difference between Lactated Ringer's and Ringer's Lactate?

No difference. Both are same. Actually question is wrong. question should be like this- what is the difference between Lactated Ringer's solution (also called as Ringer's Lactate solution) and Ringer's saline solution?

What iv solution do you use to rehydrate an unconcious person?

Normal saline is usually used when the reason of unconsciousness is unknown. The use of fluids is limited to normal saline and ringers lactate, or lactated ringers is used for fluid replacement in the case of blood loss as it acts as a volume replacement, keeping the blood pressure up.

What are the First line drugs used in a crash?

if your talking about a car accident you would be given normal saline(.9% Sodium Chloride) or Lactated Ringers/Ringers Lactate for fluid replacement in cases of hypovolemic shock. in cardiac arrest you give epi and lidocaine or epi and atropine every five minutes prn

Is normal saline given for low blood pressure or do you give lactated ringers?


Can lactated ringers iv fluids increase lactic acid blood levels?


When administering packed red blood cells what fluid should be used?

lactated ringers

What does a liter of ringers lactate iv fluid weigh in pounds?


Safe iv infusion rate for 1 liter lactated ringers Intravenous therapy?

one hour