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Best possible answer, maybe. Infidelity is defined by two things: the emotion involved in the act, and how far the act goes.

Kissing others, while a bit taboo in American culture, is typically an innocent, albeit intimate, act. Typically while in a monogamous relationship, intimate emotions are reserved for the other person alone. It can be interpreted as betrayal and infidelity if one demonstrates intimate emotions toward another.

Best scenario is to discuss how your partner feels about it. If your partner feels that you kissing another is infidelity, then you must respect that.

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Q: Is kissing another person while married considered an affair?
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Can an affair stop at kissing?

Any affair can be stop if you don't want it to linger. But if you think your affair can be stop through kissing, I think you need to focus on if you want to end your affair. Married man will not permit just kissing and then left him in a cold spot. Either you tell him that you can't continue the affair or be the one that will destroy his wife. It's that simple... ADDITION: If you think kissing will not affect you or this married man, think again. My ex told me that they only made out everytime he saw this married woman, and guest what it made him more wanting her...

What is to have an affair?

to have an affair is to be married but still have a relationship [love/sex etc.] with another person.

What is considered having an affair?

An affair is when a man and woman have sex. If you have an affair it means you want a baby. An affair is the best thing in the world so when you are married have an affair straight away.

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i had a romantic love with a married woman in my church.but no affair.

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An Affair with a Married Woman was created on 1983-09-05.

If you are separated from your spouse and you date someone else is that considered an affair?

Yes it is, even if there's no sex with that person. By law especially through religion you are still married and that can be called affair or cheating.

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hEY MEANS dump her!!! SHE is having a affair with another guy or doen'st love you anymore

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