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yes.....4 gals esp.

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Q: Is jumping rope bad for people with scoliosis?
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Are jumping jacks bad for your back?

No. Jumping rope properly can actually strengthen your back.

Is jumping rope bad?

Bad? No way!! Jumping rope is arguably one of the best, if not THE BEST exercise you can do. Jumping rope is a great way to lose weight, gain strength, gain endurance and relax the mind. When starting out jumping rope, the best thing you can do is take it slow and RELAX. Relaxing when you jump rope is very important, it will you jump rope longer and become more efficient. Start jumping rope with a goal in mind of three minutes. After three minutes, take a break (I like to immediately do a set of weight lifting) then go back and do another three minutes. You can find more help on jumping rope from your personal trainer or take a look on youtube..

Can you jump rope with a bad knee?

You could try but it is not advised. Jumping rope would put a lot of pressure on the knee and would probably make your injury worse.

What remedies for bad blood circulation?

The best remedy for bad blood circulation is exercise regularly, mainly aerobic exercise like running, or jumping rope.

How old is to young to have scoliosis surgery?

I was 18 months old when I had my first operation of scoliosis however mine was a bad case of scoliosis.

What kind of disorder is scoliosis and why?

Scoliosis is when your spine curves. It can be cause by sitting and standing with bad posture.

Can bungee jumping break your legs?

if something bad happens Legs do not usually get hurt, the elastic rope ensures there is no jolt on the legs. Most injuries are head injuries....

Do people enjoy having scoliosis?

It matters who you are and how bad it is. Most people cant even stand the stress of not being the way they want to be or not being perfect.

How bad is disability scoliosis?

i have it, it is very painful and the start but you get used to it

When was the jump rope made?

in 1832 when they used plain rope as a close hanger and people would jump in the middle durring bad wind storms

Is It Bad To Have Scoliosis?

It depends on the degree (amount of curvature) that you have. People with mild curvatures that do not effect the functionn of the spine can lead healthy active lives.

Can scoliosis cause headaches?

Yes, Scoliosis can cause headaches, depends on the type of curve and how bad it isScoliosis affects more than just the spine!