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well I'd say no because concentrated juice is plain juice but watered down so i would go with the fruit

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Q: Is juice from concentrate just as healthy as from the fruit?
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What is juice not from concentrate?

Well, juice from concentrate is juice that has had its flavour concentrated, almost like the juice has been compressed, or squashed so that there is more flavour per square centimeter. Non-concentrate is just juice straight from the fruit.

Is fruit juice nice?

Well yeah?! Of course it is! it is delicious and healthy in moderation! Just like most things!

Is Lemonade a fruit juice?

a lemonade is a frut juice because it has a lemon on it and a lemon is a fruit.

What is better the fruit or the juice of that fruit?

i prefer the fruit itself because it is natural

How do you just get the juice out of fruit?

I just squeeze them into a bowl with my hands.

Is there protein in apple juice?

No, just keeps you healthy

How can orange juice manufactures say their orange juice is 100 if it is from concentrate and has water and sugar in it?

Brilliant point basically they cant its not the truth they just tend to say that to make people bye the juice!! PS: great question! This answer is not correct. The orange juice you mention is indeed 100% juice. A quick example just say you juice enough oranges to make 1 gallon of 100% juice, then in order to make it less expensive to transport and to make it stay fresher longer you concentrate it. By that I mean you remove some of the water and sugar by mechanical means. Then you when you make your orange juice from concentrate you need to put back the water and sugar that you took out in the first place. That is how you make 100% juice from concentrate.

How do you avoid fruit from rot?

Well to have un-rotten fruit just squeeze lemon juice on you're fruit.

What is the difference between concentrated and squeezed?

Concentrated typically refers to a substance that has been reduced in volume by removing water or other liquids, resulting in a higher concentration of the original substance. Squeezed refers to applying pressure to extract liquid from a solid substance, usually referring to fruits or vegetables.

Cran-Orange Punch?

Ingredients1 1/4 c Cranberry juice;reduced-calorie 6 oz (1) cn orange juice;unsweetened -frozen concentrate, -thawed undeluted 2 c Diet lemon-line soda;Sugar Subsitute to equal -1/4 c sugar Combine cranberry juice, orange concentrate, and sugar substitute in a large bowl; stir well and chill. Add soda to fruit juice mixture just before serving. Serve over crushed ice.

What fruit is used to make Tahitian Noni juice?

The fruit to make Tahitian Noni juice is the noni fruit itself. It ranges from green to yellow and almost white. It is very energy rich and can, just like grape juice, fight of cancer cells.

Is one teaspoon fresh lemon juice the same as one teaspoon of lemon juice made from concentrate?

No, concentrated lemon juice is about four times as concentrated as regular lemon juice. Therefore one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice is equivalent to 1/4 teaspoon of concentrated lemon juice.