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Me no rikey!

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Q: Is joo ji hoon in love with song ji hyo?
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What is Han Hyo-joo's birthday?

Han Hyo-joo was born on February 22, 1987.

When was Han Hyo-joo born?

Han Hyo-joo was born on February 22, 1987.

Who is the girlfriend of Joo Ji-Hoon?

it's Yoon Eun Hye...the rumour about Song Ji Hyo was just that, a rumour... there were no paparazzi pictures of Ju Ji Hoon with Song Ji Hyo, but guess what there were with YEH, holding hands on the street in casual clothes. also, what is it with Korean celebrities and boxes of cherries? they also said that about Li Bo Young... suspicious...

How old is Han Hyo-joo?

Han Hyo-joo is 30 years old (birthdate: February 22, 1987).

When was Joo Ji Hoon born?

Joo Ji Hoon was born on May 16, 1982.

What is Han Hyo-joo email?


How old is Joo Ji Hoon?

Joo Ji Hoon is 35 years old (birthdate: May 16, 1982).

Are Lee Jee Hoon and Joo Ji Hoon siblings?

I think they are not siblings since their family name are different (Lee and Joo).

Who is the boyfriend of han hyo joo?

Actually Park Shin Hye doesn't have boyfriend yet.

What is the real name of dong-yi?

Han Hyo Joo

Does Joo Ji Hoon smoke?


Who is shin in joo ji hoon life?

Joo Ji Hoon's acting debut was the part of Crown Prince Lee Shin in "Princess Hours."