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No, John Manalo likes Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes admited that she is dating a non-showbiz guy named Carl Portocarrero

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Q: Is john manalo and Julia Montes in a relationship?
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Did Julia montes is the girlfriend of john manalo?


Are mara of going bulilit and Julia montes one?

yes Julia montes joined going bulilit with kathryn bernardo, john manalo, kiray celis and the other going bulilit casts

Does John have a girlfriend?

no.because she waits Julia montes

When was John Manalo born?

John Manalo was born on 1995-09-06.

Who are the characters in mara Clara 2010?

Del Valle Family: Mara: Kathryn Bernardo Alvira: Dimples Romana Amanthe: Bobby Andrews David Family: Clara: Julia Montes Susan: Mylene Dizon Lupe: Gina Pareno Carlo: Ping Medina Gary: Jhong Hilario Classmates: Christian: Albie Casino Desiree: Kiray Eris: John Manalo It's a good show!

How old is john manalo?


Where does John Vladimir Manalo live?

John Vladimir Manalo currently lives in Parang, Marikina City in the Philippines. John is most known as a model and actor.

Who is the crush of Julia Montes?

john prats,albie casino, Daniel matsunaga, Edgar allan, NICO IBAVIOSA, aljur abrenica and mr. john Lloyd cruz and mr. ex of Rhian

Where john Vladimir manalo study?

Roosevelt College

Who is the crush of john manalo?

eliza pineda cguro....

Who is the girlfriend of john manalo?

according to the interview she have a crush on kathryn bernardo

Where do john manalo study when his grade six?

Charis School of Marikina City