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I have been attracted to a teacher as well. I believe that it is perfectly normal to love a teacher.

It would depend on what you mean by love. You can love someone as a person, and not actually be in love with them. If you mean your in love with your teacher, then you can't help how you feel, but it wouldn't be wise to act upon it. There are probably a lot of young girls, who have been attracted to a teacher at some point.

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Q: Is it wrong to love your male teacher?
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Is it wrong for a 13 year old girl to fall in love with her math teacher?

Yes. Especially if the teacher is a old male. GROSS!

Is it wrong to love your teacher?


What is it Wrong for a teacher to love a student?

the teacher will lose his/her job, and will be recorded and prisoned by having sexual relationship with students who is younger than him/her.

A male teacher falling in love with school girl?

If you see this then you should report it to someone so it can be sorted out!!!!

Is it wrong to text your teacher?

Depends? Why are you texting you teacher?

How do you say teacher in latin?

Magister (male teacher) Magistra (female teacher)

What is the word for teacher in German?

teacher = Lehrer (male) teacher = Lehrerin (female)

Why is your male teacher hugging you?

Several reasons why your male teacher is hugging you. First, you could need a hug. Second, either you or your teacher is leaving permanently or Third, the teacher is a pervert.

You are a 17 years of old girl you love your teacher but everyone told you that is it wrong but you cant stop you to love him now what can you do?

It's illegal. If the teacher did anything he would be arrested. So unless you want that to happen you'll forget about it. Your only 17, you've got ages to realise what love is.

What is the spanish plural for teachers?

Un profesor is a male teacher Una profesora is a female teacher Also, maestro or maestra works as well. So, profesor/maestro (male teacher) profesora/maestra (female teacher)

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