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Q: Is it wrong for church people to look at peoples butt crack?
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Is it wrong for church people to look at peoples crack?

No. It's actually expected.

What is wrong with hatshepsut?

she is on crack

What is bananagirl666's password on moshi monsters?

It is wrong to ask people on the net what peoples passwords are

How does the language in the list appeal to peoples emotions?

it appeals to most peoples answers beacuase some people agreed with them on the list and some people thought that they were wrong so people went against them and it became very ulgy

Why does this website give wrong answers?

This website gives the wrong answers because it runs on peoples information and ther are people that don't know what the hell their talking about!

What went wrong with the Medieval Roman Catholic Church?

People who were not Catholic took over.

Why did the church think usury was sinful?

Usury, which is the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates, is considered morally wrong by most people. The church considered it wrong as well, because it takes advantage of people and causes the poor to become poorer. The church promotes charity as the acceptable method of dealing with the poor.

What is wrong with keon foster?

UMMM.... well i believe he is on crack

What were the German peoples reaction to the death camps?

the people that beilieved in Hitler's views thought it was the right Thing to do. the non-Nazis thought it was wrong

Why did people in the Middle ages hate magic?

They were told by the Catholic church it was the work of the devil and since the Catholic church told all what was right or wrong it was followed by the populace.

What is the protestant movement?

its was in the the 1500's were Martin Luther was convinced that catholics were wrong about peoples indulgence and so he wrote the ninety-five theses to say prove that Christianity is better. it was an attempt to reform the Catholic Church.

Is it wrong to be a drug lord?

Yes. you are ruining peoples lives