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very uncommon

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In my opinion, no. :)

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Q: Is it weird to get turned on by animals mating?
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What term is used to describe the deliberate mating of animals?

The term used to describe the deliberate mating of animals is breeding. This is the natural reproduction process of animals.

Were there any weird animals in precambrian?

All the precambrian animals were weird ;P

Do animals judge beauty?

In a way, yes. During a mating season, many animals will inspect the mate to see if he is worthy of mating. If she doesn't deem him suitable, mating will be refused.

Why do they tree other animals?

to stop mating

Is mating problems one the reasons why animals are endangered?

yes because many animals fight before mating and the other one dies, that's one reason why animals are endangered

Is it normal to get turned on by socks? no. that is a little weird. Why would u get turned on by socks

What is mating of animals?

It is when they reproduce or some say have sex.

What are the release dates for Bri What - 2011 Weird Animals?

Bri What - 2011 Weird Animals was released on: USA: 1 December 2011

How is selective breeding used?

by mating animals cloely toghether

What are Habits of the octopus?

They are not social animals they only interact when mating!

What is mating animals with different breeds is called?

its called crossbreeding

Animals that can interbreed?

mating with in the bread to reproduces the new generation...