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Q: Is it wake keep or wake keeping?
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What is wake keeping?

Wake keeping is a Nigerian custom where people stay with a dead body from late evening until early morning. This is done the night before the funeral.

What part of speech is keeping?

Keeping is the present participle of the verb keep.

How do you keep your body constant?

you keep your body constant by, keeping the levels of sugar levels and keeping your body warm and keeping it at the level

What actors and actresses appeared in Wake Keeping - 2003?

The cast of Wake Keeping - 2003 includes: Ofia Afuluagu Mbaka Chidi Ihesie Larry Koldsweat Amaechi Muonagor Rita Nzelu Ogechi Obilonu Ngozi Onyema Evuka

Do retoxer keep you wake?

by letting you sleep

Do Jehovah's Witnesses keep wake?

Starbucks!! hahaha:)

What are the release dates for Sleep Keep Wake Take - 2007?

Sleep Keep Wake Take - 2007 was released on: USA: 1 June 2007 (Atlanta, Georgia)

What is the present participle of keep?


I can wake you up and keep you up I can be weak or strong?


How do you keep a mango?

you keep a mango by keeping it and not eating it and not giving it to anyone.

What does it mean keep the stoke?

Keep the money advantage as if you're working in your job and you think about quitting but someone tells you to keep the stoke, hence keeping the job = keeping the money.

What is the present tense verb for keeping?