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not really because i wear my necklace 24/7 never toke it off! But when i did take it off for cheerleader practice it felled in the locker under minds and now i say i will never take it off cuz bad happens! lol

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Q: Is it unhealthy to wear a necklace and never take it off?
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Of course a man can wear a necklace.

Does Gretel wear a necklace?

It's never said. Given that her family was extremely poor, it's possible that they never had money for baubles like that.

Does Jacob Black have a necklace?

No he does not wear a necklace but if you mean can you get a necklace with Jacob on it yes you can i have one

How do you wear a phiten necklace?

You wear a phiten necklace by unhooking it and putting it around your neck. Then you close the ends and you are wearing it.

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The goddess Artemis is not depicted wearing a necklace.

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Only wear a necklace if you want that "manly" look, with a short necklace.

Do boy and girl Sikhs wear the Sikh necklace?

There is no such thing as a "SIKH necklace" that is mandated by the religion. Some men and women do wear a necklace with the Sikh insignia but it is not required by their faith.

What is something tourists wear around there necks?

a welcome necklace or a flower necklace

Is dean winchester's necklace too evil to wear?

Dean Winchester's necklace, a christmas present from his brother, was meant for his father to 'protect him'. We later find out that it's believed to be a tool to find God. Although, since he was never found, its unknown if the necklace actually works.

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