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Not really. It's better if you don't wear it when you sleep or if you're not going out in public.

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Q: Is it unhealthy to wear a bra all the time?
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If you wear a dirty bra can it affect your heart?

No. But it is unhealthy to wear dirty clothes always wash your clothes and stay clean.

Till what time till girls of age 14 should wear bra?

When a girl should wear a bra is not based on a certain age. She should wear a bra when her breasts start showing.

Do you wear a bra to a sleep over?

First of all, you don't need to wear a bra to sleep. It bothers you during ur sleep, and it's bad for you. Second of all, doesn't really matter which bra you wear. If you normally wear a bra to bed, then wear one. I wouldn't wear a crop top, unless I was worried about my nipples showing through my shirt. I nice big T-shirt is the most comfortable thing to wear. well first if this is the only bra you have then wear it wear anything just wear a bra as long as its ok with you and you need it

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

Is it normal to wear a bra in the shower?

no it will get all wet

What did women in the late 1600s wear as a bra?

no they were not around at the time

Can you wear a pushup bra see if you haven't got your period yet but your still getting bigger in the chest could you wear a push up bra?

You can wear a push up bra, it doesn't matter about ur period at all!so if u want to wear a push up bra then go for it

Do you were your your bra at night?

i wear my bra at night but it's better not to wear it at night, i just go to school early in the morning so it just saves time,

Does noah Cyrus wear a padded bra?

at all times

Is possible for two girls to wear a bra at the same time?

No, it isn't.

Does Amy Rose wear a bra?

She has not been shown to wear a bra.

Do all girls have to wear a bra?

I would say no.. But it is better to start wearing a bra when you have started to grow breasts...