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Cheating up means to cheat with someone who is better (ie. more attractive ect.)

Cheating down means to cheat with someone who is below (ie. hookers ect.)

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Q: Is it true that women cheat up and men cheat down and what do these expressions mean?
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If a man has children with multiple women does that mean he will cheat?

Unless he was married to them at different times, it means he did cheat.

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How women cheat?

They tell their husband they're going out with some girlfriends, thenthey sneak away with the guy. If you mean, What does cheat mean? It means you are going out with two people at the same time, or having men/women relationships with more than one person.

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What do women mean when they say I want a commitment?

this is coming from a guy who lives with a family full of sisters and when they say they want commitment the mean the want you to be there for them to NOT CHEAT ON THEM to lean their love language.

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If your partner's friend says he stares at women when they are out would he cheat?

I'm a woman and I stare at men. I don't do it enough to ever disrespect my husband, but if I see a good looking man I'll mention it to my husband and he does the same when he sees a beautiful woman. We are extremely confident in our relationship together. To me it's like looking at a fine piece of art. You can look, but don't touch! Looking at women or women looking at men doesn't mean they are going to cheat. There is always a risk that a man/women could cheat. Discuss it with your partner and ask him if he thinks his friend would cheat. He should know his friends personality.

If you cheat on your lover with an old lover what does that mean?

Very Simple...........You are a cheat!