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Q: Is it true that monsters exists?
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How do you get wulu on Moshi Monsters?

I don't think wulu exists on moshi monsters.

Is there such thing as wereley on moshi monsters?

No, this isn't something that exists.

How long do moshlings live for on Moshi Monsters?

Moshlings are virtual creatures just like your monsters. They will be around for as long as you have your account on Moshi Monsters or as long as the Moshi Monsters game exists.

Is there a golden membership at level 100 on moshi monsters?

No, this is not something that exists.

How do you get a hot dog couch on moshi monsters?

i don't know but i think it exists

What is the true mean?

the meaning of true is representing what has really happened or exists.

Is international law true or not?

It is true in that it exists. Therefore, it is not illusory or false.

What characteristics are true of modern-day monsters?

Modern monsters cannot be identified solely by physical appearance whereas historical monsters can be.

Is it true under pressure most people likely to become monsters?

No. It is not true to say that most people are likely to become monsters under pressure.

TRue knowledge exists in knowing that you now .?


Is it true that you can play trick or treating on Moshi Monsters?


What is true about racisim in the US today?

it exists everywhere