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Yes, that is true. Mary Ambrose served nearly one year of a two-year sentence on a conviction on an accessory charge attached to an Investment Fraud scam which took place in Southern California. She was paroled in early 2012, and is now residing in the state of New York, according to her Uncle Harvey Ambrose.

In 1997, Ambrose was convicted of Pandering and served time in County Jail. In 1998, Ambrose was convicted on a cocaine possession charge and also on a Class B Misdemeanor for possession of a false Drivers License, and served time in County Jail once again. In 2005, Mary Ambrose was convicted on Extortion charges and served time in prison. Ambrose also served time while in her teens in Juvenile Detention.

Shortly after Ambrose was paroled, she posted a Web site asking individuals to donate to a questionable charity ostensibly established to help children in Africa. Due to the suspicious nature of the Web site, Ambrose was compelled to legally remove the site. Unfortunately, Mary Ambrose was the creator of the fund, and only pennies on the dollar were actually going to assisting children, through a Christian Church Organization. Ninety-eight cents out of every dollar was going to administrative costs, in short, Ambrose herself. Although this practice is not illegal, it is frowned upon. It constitutes a gray area of the law that is hard to interpret. Certain parties did point out this situation to the proper authorities and Ambrose was ordered by a Superior Court Judge to take the site down.

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Q: Is it true that Mary Ambrose Robert Palmers ex-girlfriend has been paroled on her Investment Fraud sentence and how many times has she been incarcerated?
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