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The answer depends on the woman's individual situation. Ask your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

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Q: Is it safe to travel in 4Th month of pregnancy?
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How soon after you become pregnant will your periods stop coming?

My period stopped after my 4th month of pregnancy

When will your stomach show you are pregnant?

It depends on the woman, and the size of the baby. Most woman dont show until around the 4th month. After the 1st trimester has ended. This contributer showed at 10 weeks. And had a large baby!

Will akshra get pragnent in yeh rishta kya khelata hai?

In her 1st pregnancy, she has a miscarriage. She gets pregnant again!! She's in her 4th month.

At what stage of pregnancy should you feel your baby move on a regular basis?

You should feel regular movement in starting in the 4th month. Karen Erdman

You are 4th month pregnant you have a continuous cough nowis this affected fetus?

There are so many home remedies that you can do to reduce a cough when you are pregnant.A little bit of "Honey" is really effective when you have a dry cough.Use a humidifier to keep the air clean, fresh and not dry.Avoid acidic food.This will reduce the cough and you will have a safe pregnancy.

When do the breasts start to increase in size during a pregnancy?

Hello, You may notice changes in your breasts within the first 2 months of pregnancy. As for there size increase, this usually occurs during & after the 4th month of pregnancy. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a Medical experts. ------------------------------------------------------------

Can you have mild period during 4th month of pregnancy?

our daughter had light periods the first five months, then again the seventh month.....and although she had a very difficult pregnancy and deliver all is well now (baby born 4-18-07)...i would call your ob/gyn need to be checked honey....

Can you cramp for a day and still be pregnant?

absolutely, i didnt stop cramping till my 4th month. You can have mild, to severe cramps all throughout a pregnancy. your uterine wall during pregnancy is constantly expanding and contracting, cramps are very common during pregnancy, ecspecially in the first and last few weeks.

NO hot flashes not premenopausal missed 3 periods the 4th month had period whats up?

Are you over 40? Menapause is characterized by periods less and less frequent. You can go down to 2-4 periods a year for five years before they stop. But to be safe take a urine pregnancy test if you are still active sexually.

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In English, the 4th month of the calendar year is April.

What number month is April?

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