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you shouldn't trust anyone but your doctor to answer questions concerning your health.

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Q: Is it safe to take strepsils lozenges antiseptics when taking warfarin?
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Can you take Difene if taking Warfarin?

Can you take Difene for pain while you are taking Warfarin

Can I eat yogurt when taking Warfarin?

Can I drink Gatorade while taking Warfarin

Can i eat sultanas whilst taking warfarin?

Can I eat sultanas using warfarin

Should tomato be eaten while taking warfarin?

Tomato is safe, it's grapefruit that you have to avoid, if you are taking warfarin (also known as coumadin).

Can you eat leeks if taking warfarin?

If taking warfarin, you should avoid vegetables which are rich in vitamin K, such as leeks, spinach, broccoli and peas.

Can you take tums if you are taking warfarin?


Can I drink a gin and tonic while I am taking warfarin?

Yes, it doesn't affect how well warfarin works.

Can you eat porridge while taking warfarin?

Yes, you can.

Can you eat mango while taking warfarin?


Can you eat chicken whilst taking warfarin?

probably not

What happens if you suddenly stop taking warfarin?

Warfarin is a blood thinner given to patients with blood-clotting issues; you should not stop taking warfarin medication or change the dosage without advice from a doctor. Warfarin in some cases has been found to increase your chance of blood clots when stopped abruptly.

Can you suffer a stroke if taking warfarin?

Yes, you can absolutely have a heart attack while taking warfarin. Warfarin is a blood thinning medication that is sometimes used to help prevent a recurrent heart attack in people who cannot take aspirin or clopidogrel, or who have had a heart attack while taking those medications. While warfarin reduces the chances of a recurrent heart attack, nothing completely prevents a heart attack from happening. There is also an increased risk of bleeding if taking warfarin along with aspirin or plavix.