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You should not take Amoxicillin after the expiration date. The drug does not work properly after the date. Call your pharmacist for more info.


Am I just supposed to accept this answer?? You know that people are going to keep searching til they find an answer that they somehow find believable. I like the answer that I saw on a previous website. It read something like this...

Amoxicillin may lose it's potency over time, but as proven by the military, many prescription drugs can be taken even a year or so after the expiration, and still have some affect on your ailment.

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12y ago
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"Is doxycycline safe to take after expirtion date?" was question I had and was searching for an answer on internet. The answer is NO -- do not use this drug after expiration date. It can cause kidney damage according to 2 different websites. One site was doxycline for humans and the other for pets. Guess I'll toss out my cat's 2004 prescription for Doxycline 100mg. Good thing I read up on this before causing my pal yet another physical problem. LAM, New York

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11y ago

My cipro expired last october, is it still safe to take?

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9y ago

No, the expiration is there for a reason and the drug may lose its effectiveness after that date.

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8y ago

is it safe to take ciprofloxaian afer the expiration date

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7y ago

It is always best to ask the pharmacist about this.

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Q: Is it safe to take ciprofloxacin after the expiration date?
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i sure hope not...

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It is not recommended to take Mucines DM after its expiration date. Most medicines have a long shelf life, but they become ineffective after the expiration date.

How long after expiration date can you use vitamin d supplements?

You can take vitamins after the expiration date. They are normally safe to take. However, I wouldn't take them so long after they already expired.

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The expiration date is how long the medication is guaranteed to be potent for. You should be fine to take it past its exp date, just might not work as well.

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Is it safe to take morphine pills 2 years after expiration date?

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Is it safe, yes.. But will it be effective? The answer is no. Prescription drugs have an expiration date because after that date is when the active compounds are determined to be ineffective. Just like food, after the EXp date, it just isn't good any more.

Is diphenhydramine safe to take after expiration date?

The expiration date on most drugs tell you when the manufacturer is guaranteeing it will have the maximum potency. Taking a drug after the expiration date is taking a chance that it won't be as effective as a drug taken within the "guaranteed effective." So, in answer to your question, on the diphenhydramine, no one knows if it is safe. All you can say for sure, is the manufacturer will not guarantee the drug is 100% effective after the expiration date.

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yes. my doctor said it is safe to take medications up to a year after expiration. the date the date that a retailer has to sell by, not necessarily when it has to be used by