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The best person to ask about this is your tattoo artist. As a person with 5 tattoos, and 2 of them are big pieces, I'd recommend not taking ANY drugs beforehand. But my advice to you is to find the shop you're getting the tattoo done at and ask the people there. Most artists have been doing their job for a long time and they know from experience what drugs can and cannot mix with the tattooing process. They can give you the best answer out of anyone. By the way, why are you taking Ambien before you get a tattoo anyways?

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Q: Is it safe to take ambien before getting a tattoo?
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Is it safe to use a strong painkiller before getting a tattoo?

No it thins the blood

Is it safe for a baby to be around someone getting a tattoo?


Is getting a tattoo safe while on medication?

No, because when the medication wears off, the person may regret have got the tattoo.

How many mgs if Ambien will be safe to take?

The recommended dosage for Ambien is 10mg. You should talk to your doctor before increasing any medication's recommended dosage.

Does anyone know somebody who will give a 15 year old a tattoo in Texas?

No matter what state you live in, all safe, clean, and reputable tattoo parlors will require you to be eighteen before getting a tattoo, or have a parent come with you when you get your tattoo. If you get a tattoo from a non-reputable place, you run the risk of infection or the art being subpar. It's best - both aesthetically and medically - to wait to get a tattoo until you are eighteen.

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The question should be: is it safe to take melatonin before, during or after drinking wine or alcohol?

I have heard that you can buy some numbing cream to apply before getting a tattoo Does it actually work?

Yes, it is called a numbing cream. Choose one that has been proven effective and safe. I have used an effective numbing cream before.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking ambien 20 mg?

It is not safe to drink alcohol with any type of drug/medication. So no, it is NOT safe to drink alcohol with Ambien 20 mg.

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There really is no tanning bed safe tattoo. To prevent your tattoo from fading, put sunscreen on it generously.

Is it safe for someone with brittle bones to have a tattoo?

is it safe for someone with brittle bone disease to have a tattoo

Is it safe to take ambien if you also are taking a monthly vivitrol injection?

Vivitrol injections and Ambien together produce no interactions.

Is it safe to take Ambien with accutane?

im about to do it. i have had 20mg of isotrentinoin and am about to take 10mg ambien, and i took nyquel and an antibiotic. ha wish me luck!