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I have never had problems, in fact it seems to help the omeprazole take affect better for me, but everyone reacts different.

Yes, you can take Prilosec (omeprazole) with marijuana. You can also take all the other drugs in omeprazole's family, such as Nexium (esomeprazole), Prevacid (lansoprazole), Protonix (pantoprazole), Aciphex (rabeprazole) etc....

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Q: Is it safe to smoke marijuana while on omeprazole?
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Is it safe to smoke marijuana while taking venlafaxine hcl?

Some people have reported cardiac arrhythmia after smoking marijuana while on venlafaxine. Other people have no problem.

Is it safe to smoke marijuana while on ADHD medication?

yes try it and find out scum bag :D

Can you smoke weed while on nor flex?

yes marijuana is a very safe medicine you will not have any side effects while smoking or using marijuana on nor flex or any other thing.

Is it safe to smoke marijuana and take 5-HTP?


Is it safe to blow marijuana smoke in your ear?

Will blowing marijuana smoke in the ear for an ear infection help

Is it safe to smoke marijuana while taking stribild?

No. After reading up on it it's advised against to consume "the herb" while taking stribild

Is it safe to smoke moldy marijuana?

It isn't safe to smoke any thing... ...Unless you want to die young!

Can you smoke marijuana while on humira?

I just started taking Humira for my Crohn's Disease last month and started experiencing moderate to severe nausea so I smoke marijuana to get rid of it. I haven't had any reactions yet. I'm in no way a health professional but in my opinion I think it's perfectly safe.

Is it safe to smoke marijuana a day after having a tendon surgery?

it is always safe to smoke marijuana. it doesn't hurt anything, it'll probably make you feel a lot better and is probably good for your recovery in that it will relax you physically. just watch out for drug tests as always

Is Omeprazole safe for pregnant women?

yes rabeprazole is safe in pregnancy but in 2nd trimester not in ist trimester and also safe in 3rd tirmester

Is it safe to smoke marijuana while taking prescription drugs?

That would be inadvisable, as it's very unlikely that the manufacturer has tested for side effects of his medicine together with illegal recreational drugs.

What are effects of combining clopixol and marijuana?

It is physically safe but if you're on clopixol you should probably not smoke marijuana, because clopixol is a drug given to people who have some problems with paranoia and marijuana can increase this.