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Yes, both are safe. If you have a sore or pimple inside your nose the antibiotic cream will work better. If you have a dry nose the Vaseline will work better. I carry Neosporin with me just for this sort of thing.

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No, that is the only place it's bad because of the risk of lipoid pneumonia.

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Yes but keep open flames away from it such as cigarettes

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Q: Is it safe to put vaseline or antibiotic cream inside of your nose?
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How to get rid of bumps on nose?

Vaseline salt water mix

When a is client on oxygen complains that lips nose are painful what should you do?

Apply Vaseline

Do you often snore when you have got a cold?

Yes it's very common, as the nasal passage is blocked, and is hard to breathe through. Nose spray can help but also soft paraffin (Vaseline) is something we use on my family and you put it inside and outside the nose and it makes the mucus looser so you can blow your nose.

Can fluocinolone acetonide emollient cream be used for nose sores?

I was prescribed it for sores inside my nasal cavities, so I hope so!

What to do when your nose is sore when you blow your nose so much?

You can use Vaseline or Neosporin, they both work, also try using tissues with lotion. UPDATE: If Vaseline is making your nose feel hardened, you can also try Neutrogena Hand cream. But DO NOT pull/peel off the hardened, crusty parts. It will burn and bleed like crazy. Take it from someone who made the mistake.

Learning the secret to stop picking your nose?

When you feel the urge to pick your nose be sure you have Kleenex on hand and remember to blow your nose instead of picking your nose. If you have dry nostrils then you may have some sinus problems and should see your doctor.

How can you avoid nosebleed?

try putting Vaseline or nose spray. It works for me! I put it every time i have a nosebleed. also If you have allergies like me, and you get a nosebleed every time you go outside. Make sure to put Vaseline.

What should ido with a dry nose?

coat the other layer with vaseline. it should heal within a week or so

Have a lump inside nose and the outside of nose is swollen. This is very painful. What can cause this?

Usually that can be a pimple on the inside of the nose.

Is it ok to put human sunscreen on your cats nose?

NO, The chemicals inside sun cream may make the cat ave a BAD rash as some cats are allergic and the breeders dont tell you what cats are allergic too as they can not in anyway find out so cats could have an allergic reaction and get a rash or they could lick the sun cream of their nose and then get poorly and be sick. Why would you want to put sun cream on a cats nose anyway they wont burn their skin is protectable!

What do you use to clean the folds on an English bulldogs nose?

You can use a clean, damp washcloth or a baby wipe and make sure you dry the fold afterward. I just put a slab of Desitin diaper rash cream, every now and then, inside my Bulldog's nose fold and I don't ever have to worry about it getting dirty. The assistant at my vet recommended this and it works like a charm!

Is a nose bleed a sign of leukemia?

A nose bleed can happen for several reasons. Dry air, damage to the thin layers of skin inside your nose also high altitude and pressure. The best way to know what the cause or reasoning for your nose bleeds is to consult a doctor. If you notice that in extreme heat or extreme cold you experience nose bleeds typically it would be due to the air quality. Try applying a small thin layer of vaseline or use a nasal spray. If continues, seek doctor or professional help.