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There is no simple answer to this question. "Probably not" is commonly the most correct answer if you are under 18. "Maybe" if you are an adult.

Be cautious regardless of who you are. Remember that people can say ANYTHING online, they may be lying. And there are predators of all kinds using the internet every hour of every day looking for people they can hurt, abuse or scam or worse.

There are online predators that prey on children AND/OR adults...sexual deviants, con artists, identity thieves, spammers, virus senders, etc. It's best never to reveal personal information to people you meet in chat rooms, in forums, or anywhere online. It's recommended that you don't share your real name, city/address, phone/cell number, etc. Nor other information that could be used to find you like: the name of your school, favorite national sports team, name of nearby landmarks, names of restaurants you like, name or mascot of any group you belong to, etc.

If you are a person under 18 years of age, you are legally a child, and should be VERY cautious about meeting anyone met online. It would be smart NOT to do so without having the person checked out first by your parents or some lawful authority. If they are okay, it shouldn't matter to them. If they are not, you've found out before getting yourself into a potentially lethal situation.

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Q: Is it safe to meet someone you met online?
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69% of males have met someone online who did asked to meet them in person because they want it! And by it, you know what i mean!!!:')

What percent of males met someone online who asked them to meet in person?


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yes u can like someone you met online its not a safe idea though - he could be a rapist or sumthing, so be careful!

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If you met them online and they want to meet you in person then dont. Only do that if you have your parents or an officer watching you from a distance just incase things dont go the way you want them to.Usually if you meet someone in person that you met online it dousnt go good...i wouldnt...but if your going to have someone or more than one person actually come with well as having a parent or a officer watch from a distance..that way you can find out if its safe...and nothing bad will happen

What percent of males have met someone online who asked to meet them in person?

five present]

How can I be safe on a date with someone I met online?

You can meet men on a dating site, such as or However, you need to make sure you talk to this person a lot before going out to meet him. Then, when you do meet him, make sure it is in a public space and you don't go anywhere private.

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Be very cautious and suspicious. Many times, people online are NOT who you think they are - they could be pretending to be someone just to get friendly with you and when you meet them, they might be dangerous.If you are a kid, you should NEVER agree to meet up with anybody you have met online. It's just too risky.

When should you meet someone you met online?

If i was in your shoes, no i would not because you cant always trust what they are saying is true. Lets say this girl you meet could be an 70 year old man

You were friend with a girl online but now she as agreed to be a girl friend what can you do to keep the relationship going?

Depends if the two of you really want that. It's not always safe to expect to have a gf bf relationship with someone you meet online.The mistake ppl make when having a online friendship is one has a fantasy of what the peron will look like and it's most of the time a big disappointment if the two should meet offlineAlso if you do set up to meet a person you met online do it in public, drive your own car and have someone lse with youIt could be risky and lead to a dangerous outcome