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Well, we can choose them both. As long as you know which one is right. It's not wrong to choose your boyfriend over your friends and family, as long as you know you're on the right side, you'll be happy with all the things that you've choosed

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Q: Is it right to choose your boyfriend over your friends and family?
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How can you choose the right person to you?

i think you can choose the friend with the most in common with you lol like how i choose my best friends

Your grandparents have rights but you want your Best friends family to adopt you?

Children do not get to choose. That is just the way it is. Social Workers exist. If your grandparents are abusing you then ask your teacher to get you in touch with a social worker. You should not need to tolerate abuse. While you do not have the right to choose, you do have the right not to be abused.

Is it easy to choose a friends?

Yes if you can find the right type of person.

Is it right to be friends with your ex boyfriend?

i think it depends on if you had sex with them. if you did then i don't think it is possible to be friends with them. it's too hard to.

Who do you choose between the guy you love or your family that loves you?

Is there some reason why your family does not approve of your choice of boyfriend? I would really need to know more about this situation to give any useful advice. Perhaps you have loved foolishly, and your family is right, or perhaps you have loved well, and your family is mistaken. I have no way to know.

What was the solution of after Eli the book?

The solution was that Eli choose to look at the bright side and choose the right group of friends.

Is it right for a married man to choose his father over his immediate family?

His father is his immediate family.

What if your boyfriend's best friends are flirting with me?

Well if your boyfriend knows then he'll probably do something about him himself. There's really nothing you can do. Boys will be boys right.

Is it all right for a father to tell a child to choose between him or her friends?

Yessee link

Whom does harry styles love right now?

His family and friends

Should you invite a boy that you like to the movies for your birthday what would happen and he was your ex boyfriend?

sure... that's what friends do... you 2 r friends right?

What do you do when your boyfriend is mad because you went out?

If you were on a date with another guy he should be mad. If you were with friends he has no right to get angry. You are allowed to have fun with your friends. He is not your master. you are not his slave