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No, But you can try withholding sex instead.

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Q: Is it right for your friend to spank her husband after he forgot her birthday?
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What are the 5 relationships Confucius outlined?

1. Parent Child 2. Elder Sibling/Younger Sibling 3. Husband/Wife 4. Friend/Friend 5. Ruler/Subjects Different person: The 5 relatioships are filial piety, loyalty, hummanness, (i forgot the rest). Im not sure if I am right, so look this up. Im not sure if the other guy is correct either.

What poem should you right in your friends birthday card?

You should write, in your friend's birthday card, the good feelings you have about your friend, whether or not you can make it into a poem. Alternatively you should find a poem to quote that means what you would like to express to your friend.

How do you get over a man who liked you but does not now because he was friends with your deceased husband?

This man was your husband's friend and of course I assume liked you as a person and not as a lover. It is very common when a husband passes away that his male friends will feel uncomfortable around the widow, not to mention that your husband's friend is grieving in his own right and feels odd being around your home and has the integrity not to come around you since his friend has passed away.

Your husbands friend told you about your husbands affair but now he is attracted to you should you tell your husband?

You already know two wrongs don't make a right so the best thing to do is let your husband know about his affair and that his friend told you and is now interested in you. Be careful of gossip! Communication is the best skill anyone can have so sit down and calmly discuss this with your husband. It is also up to you to make it plain to your husband's so-called friend that you are not interested in him and stay clear of him. This is no friend of your husbands because he is hoping to have an affair with you behind your husband's back.

My friend only comes around when my husband is home?

Then said person is really not your friend. They are using you to become closer with your husband. They have already or is trying to manipulate you in such a way that they've gained your trust to be around your husband without you. I would either stop it right away or take your situation as an opportunity to set your "supposed" friend and even your husband both up to see where their loyalty lies with you.

What can you do if you know that your best friend is cheating on her husband?

If you have your own relationship with her husband, if he's also a good friend or if you're related to him, you may feel you're in a position to talk to him about it - but as a general rule, I don't recommend getting involved in other people's marriages. I would only talk to your friend and make clear what you think is the right thing to do. But you can't make her do the right thing and neither of them will thank you for interfering.

What should you do if your friend cheated on her husband and he then asks you about it?

I was in this situation once myself and I sat down with my girlfriend and told her to either smarten up and make a decision as to whether she was staying with her husband or the next time he quizzed me on her, I was going to tell him the truth. This forces your friend to either smarten up and make a decision as to whether to stay with her husband her leave him. She is using you. This is just not girl talk at all, and if she was a good friend to you she would never have told you and put you in this position. Have that talk with your friend right away. Good luck Marcy Your friend was confiding in you and as such you owe her your loyalty, telling her husband will only wreck havoc in a situation that is not your business and lose you your friend!

What to do if you need rubber mallet but forgot it on steamworks island?

Idk but im right here with you i totally forgot it

They forgot to put the mobile home on my deed what do I do?

Go back to whoever 'forgot' and ask them to make it right.

Why is your husband texing a other women?

Maybe they are just texting as a friend, think on the bright side, at least he is not talking on the phone with other women right?

What should you give your friend for her ninth birthday?

a dsi!! i have 200 dollars right now so if i know u i will buy u a dsi

My husband has been texting a 'secret friend'. They both say they are just friends but why would he keep it a secret and what should I do?

You need to sit your husband down and talk to him. The most important key of relationships is trust and if you still think he's not telling the truth, talk to that friend. If you think that friend is not telling the truth then maybe they're telling the truth. If you find something different out then give them one more chance to tell the truth and if it persists then I suggest you consult someone you really trust and get their opinion.