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Hi Laura Great to hear from you! Glad you agree. None of the Supers are against ALL teens at all and people such as yourself really help us out. I'm a believer that teens can talk to teens where sometimes they won't listen to us older ones. LOL There are new ideas coming up regarding teens and weeding out the bad from the good. Hang on! Yes, I'm ticked off too with SOME teens and it gets boring after awhile. I was really disappointed in one of the girls that had good contributions, but was cheeky to a Super and wasn't about to follow rules and regulations. Supers have to follow rules and regulations as well. Our motto on this site is to try and get along and expect any person of any age to have respect for each other. So what do you think of that Laura? Nice talking to you and hope you are a Super so we can talk. Yes, anyone can read this Private Message Board. If you are a Super then go onto Super's Forum listed to the left.

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Q: Is it really so wrong to lead a guy on if he deserves the humiliation?
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