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As a musician, I have seen my vocal chords with a mirror similar to those used by dentists placed near the back of the throat. You have to be careful because you are very close to the places that caused gag reflexes when touched. It might be easier just to find a photo of chords in a book.

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Q: Is it possible to see your vocal chords without the technology?
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No, that is not possible. Your vocal chords vibrate when air is forced through them so it would not be possible to use them without breathing.

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Electromyography is the technology used in silent technology. This is done by monitoring muscular movements converted into electrical pulses. The pulses can then without sound be turned into speech.

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Animals DO have vocal chords.

How do vocal chords work?

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How do they treat cancer in the thorax?

I have learned to talk and sing without vocal chords. You can live without a thorax.

When you talk what vibrates in your throat?

Vocal Chords

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It just means don't stress your vocal chords, no yelling, screaming, or anything that might cause damage to your vocal chords.

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with their vocal chords

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