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Q: Is it possible to live without expectations?
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Is it possible to live without rules and laws?

it is not possible to live without laws and rules

Is it possible to get xbox live without a live card?


Is it possible to live without the heart?


Is it possible to live without serotonin?


Is it possible for a human to live without a heart?

actually, it's possible to live without a heart, but you must have it replaced by another thing that circulates your blood.

How can you use expectation in a sentence?

Expectations is a plural noun which means a belief that something will occur. It can therefore be used in the following possible sentences:All the expectations were on the government to provide emergency shelter.Many people have expectations that the world will end soon.Sometimes runners in the olympics do not live up to expectations.

Is it possible to live without kidney?

You can live with just one Kidney.

Is it possible for me to live long without death?

no ________________ You can live long without death, but you can't live forever without death. Death will overtake you eventually.

Would it be possible for a plant to live without its roots?


Is it possible to live without magnets?

It is possible to live without magnets, but this might make life kind of difficult. There are magnets in everything these days, including ovens, stoves and refrigerators.

Is it possible to live without food?

No, you'll die soon.

Can fleas live without being on the dog?

well, fleas live on blood, so its possible