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Your never too old

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Yes, true love knows no bounds (limits)

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Q: Is it possible to find true love after the age of 40?
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I think I love this guy but im only 10 is it possible to have true love at my age?

You can have true love at any age That's my question too No.

Will i find your true love at the age of 19?

Probably not you first need to find out how ture love feels before you truly fall in love.

How old do you have to be to find true love?

there isn't really an age for true love. ii mean like im sure a 5 yr old isn't about to experience "true love" but you cant put an age limit to love, it just happens..whenever god has it planned for you.

Is it possible to be in love at the age of 16?

of course there is no age limit for love

Will you ever find love at 13 years old?

Of course you can find love as long as its not that serious. Thirteen is a difficult age in ones life and should be handled with care. I am thirteen and still looking for love, so its very very very rare to find your true love at 13 years old. It's highly unlikely for a person to find love at such a young age since you haven't experienced much life... But the heart wants what the heart wants. Anything is possible. Even finding love at thirteen. :)

At what age do you get a true lover?

True love does not come with age, it comes with maturity.

Is it possible to be in love at the age of 12?

Yes It Is Possible To Be In Love When You Have Reached Puberty!!:D

Is it possible to love a guy at age 11?

yes.Because love is blind it is no harm to love at the age of 11.

Is it possible to love some one who is older than you in 16 years?

yes it is but move on and find some your on age

Is love possible at the age of 15?

I believe that love is possible at ANY age (12+) If you feel strong enough feelings for this person...then it is love:) Sam W. Ontario, Canada

Can you be in deep true I'd-go-crazy-without-you love when your 13?

Maby its possibel. If you find the one at that age your EXTREMLY lucky.

Is it possible to be in love with a 10 year old at age 11?

No. At age 11 you are too young to be in love and you are just learning about who you are.