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Yes you can deepen ur voice and it is ok sometimes but sometimes not.

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Q: Is it possible to deepen your voice and is it ok to do so?
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Why do boys facial hair start to grow after their voice has deepen?

It means that person is going through puberty.

How do you use the word deepen in a sentence?

She wanted to deepen her relationship with her boyfriend, but she would not compromise her values to do it. They wanted to deepen the lake, so they called a professional.

Why do chickens chirp and not bock?

Baby chickens voices are not fully developed so their voices are very high. while getting older, their voice starts to deepen and ends up as a "bock"

I am 14 years old so is going through puberty the reason i cant hit high notes when i sing and if so how can i fix this?

During puberty, your voice will deepen ("break"), and your voice will naturally be unable to reach high notes. However, some specialist voice training techniques can bring these notes back, but will cost money, and a lot of time in training.

Why is coo's voice so deep?

The depth of one's voice is relative to the size of the vocal folds (the little strip on the inner part of each end of the vocal cords). People can also utilize the mucus layers on the vocal folds to deepen their voice (which is also why smokers tend to develop deeper, raspier voices, as the mucus tends to collect here in much larger amounts in smokers).

Should I worry if my friend is 14 and 15 in 2010 and his voice hasn't changed yet but it still cracks sometimes is this ok?

His voice "cracking" is a sign it is changing, so no, don't worry!

Your son has three balls?

I don't think that is possible, if so, his voice would be really deep

Why does a boy's voice get deeper?

During puberty the male voices deepens, because the larynx (voice box) grows larger and thicker, causing the vibrations caused by speaking to become lower. And it is perfectly normal.I am 13 years old and my voice is starting to get lower.

What is the word deepen mean?

The word deepen means to cause to become more deep. For example, if you have a hole that is five feet deep and you dig it out so that it becomes six feet deep, you have deepened the hole.

What does ah bon mean in french?

"ah bon" can mean different things depending on context or the tone of voice in which it is said. "Ah bon?" in a surprised tone of voice means "Really?" "Ah bon." in a regular tone of voice mean "allright", or "ok" "ah bon..." in a resigned tone of voice means "whatever", or "if you say so..."

Ways to improve your singing voice without getting a voice teacher and please dont tell me to get a voice teacher cause I asked this question before and that was the answer please help me?

OK i have been dealing with the same thing i am also 13 and i am tyring to get in a band add me as a friend so we can talk more

Will it be possible for Ratchet to fix Optimus Prime's arm?

Well I hope so! He still hasn't fixed Bumblebee's voice! Lol