Is it okay to wear a bra?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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If you're in need of one, then of course.

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Q: Is it okay to wear a bra?
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Is bra important for small breasts?

Bras can be important for small breasts. If you are comfortable without a bra that's okay, and if you are uncomfortable without a bra it's okay to want to wear one.

Is it okay to wear a black bra?

It is not ok to were black bra, because if u were transplent black colour is visible

Is it okay to wear your bra to bed?

You can if you want but the breasts are better off if you don't.

Is it ok for an 11yr old girl who's flat chested to wear a bra just to fit in?

Yes, it's fine for a girl to wear whatever she wants and wearing a bra will cause no harm. Although there is no need to wear a bra to fit in, or even to fit in, sometimes it's okay not to fit in.

Is it okay for a pre teen to wear a sports bra while running?

absolutely. you can wear a sport's bra all day long if you want to. In fact, when you are being active, such as running, the sport's bra is the #1 recommended bra! However, there is no reason to wear a bra if your breasts have not begun to develop.

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

Does Amy Rose wear a bra?

She has not been shown to wear a bra.

Is it okay to not wear a bra at age 13?

What you want to do is buy some adult diapers and put them on at the same time put on a bra and lie in bed. I started wearing a bra when I was 10, and I didn't even have anything to put in it yet. I would say the you should start wearing a bra like NOW

If your 13 and your bust is developing is it okay to wear a bra to bed Does It Help Or Anything Or Does It Make It Worse?

Wearing a bra to bed at the age of 13 will prevent your breasts from developing anyfurther so it would make it worse!

Should you wear no bra when you wear a short top?

Ideally if you have small breasts, which arent heavy and are perky which don't hang down, you shouldn't wear a bra you don't need one, the more you wear a bra the more chance you have of breast cancer. lose the bra Or in my opinion the best thing to do is wear a bra without the hangle. if you are wearing a short top there is many ways you could wear a bra without showing it on! go to a bra shop and buy the bra with the hangle because if you are not wearing a bra your breast will be hanging in there so wear bra to make it more sexy to impress:P

What happens if you wear an exercise bra instead of a cup bra while growing up?

nothing,if you feel comfortable then wear it but wear a bra so you can get used to it.

Should you wear a real bra at ten?

If you need a bra, you should wear one.