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They can become rancid. Split one open to see how it smells. Regardless, they are cheap enough that you should not feel bad about discarding it.

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Q: Is it okay to take expired omega-3?
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Is it okay to take an antacids medicine which expired for 2 years?

You need to get it checked by a docter, because why would they put an expiration date if it was okay to take always?

Is it okay to take birth control pills (28 counts) after their expiration date For how long If it had already expired two months ago, would that be okay if I want to regulate my period and prevent my acne?

I would say not to take any medicine after it has expired to be safe, but ask your doctor.

Is expired medication okay for dogs?

No! You shouldn't give expired meds to your dog!

Is it okay to take 2 400mg ibuprofen that expired two years ago?

I would not recommend it at all. There may or may not be any danger but to be safe do not take it.

Is expired salsa still edible?

Never take your chance with expired wet foods. If it has only past its expiry date by one or two days then it should be okay unless it has any mould growing on it.

Is it okay to eat expired brownies?

Yes, the stale brownie will enter your digestive system but you will be unable to process it and you will die.

How many mgs of Omega3 tablets should you take daily?

Unlike the ads, omega3 oil is not beneficial for everyone. You should consult a physician before you start swallowing them ... he(she) should give you a dosage. It has to do with the types of cholesterol in your blood, and their ratios.

Can you take an expired steroid?

you shouldn't take expired steroids you can die don't take risk

Is it okay to take expired valtrex?

It won't hurt you. It just won't help you much, as it's lost much of its potency.

What can happen if you take expired prednisolone?

It is never a good idea to take expired medication.

Can you use expired ginger root pills?

No. If there's an expiration date on something, then it is there for a reason.

What Happens If You Take Expired DayQuil?

Most likely nothing, but you should always take care in checking it. Something could have gone wrong with the meds, so have your doctor check it and make sure everything is a okay.