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No, this is not a good idea. Lightening can strike a water line anywhere and travel through the pipes to the tub.
Yes you can, it is the car that you can't be in,or also you can't be under a tree.

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Q: Is it okay to take a bath during a thunder and lightning storm?
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Why shoud bathing must be avoided during thunderstorm?

I thunderstorm by definition is a form of weather characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmoshpere known as thunder. Since lightning is often discharged during a thunderstorm is is advised not to bath because water is a conductor of electricity and you could be electrocuted during the storm.

Is Taking a shower when lightning dangerous?

It is dangerous to be taking a shower or bath during a thunder/lightning storm.There are several Related Links below which confirm this.

What do you need to do during a lightning storm?

If you hear thunder or see lightning in the distance & you are outdoors, you should really move into a sturdy shelter ASAP. If no house or building is available, then you need to move quickly into a car. DO NOT stand under tree's or stand in an open field. Lightning is attracted by water, metal, and high objects. You should also lookout for dark, stormy clouds moving into the area because that is definitely a sign of an approaching storm. You should also turn on an AM/FM radio, NOAA Weather Radio, or your local TV news network for updates on your local weather. DO NOT take a bath or shower during a storm (Water attracts water, like I said above).

Where is the safest place when there is lightning?

in order from safe to unsafe a car, a house (as long as you are not using the shower or sink and not using appliances, lying face down on the ground, in middle of a field. you become a lightning rod if you are the tallest object around like in middle of a field.

Is it safer to take a bath or is it safer to take a shower in a thunderstorm?

Theoreticaly it is safer to take a shower during a thunderstorm. The chances of getting killed by drowning and by using a bath tub are greater than that of getting struck by lightning and using a bath tub.

What are some safety tips when near the water?

If their is a storm stay away from the water even the smallest puddle.If you are taking a bath and you hear thunder, get out as soon as possiblein you're wet, dry yourself before using any electronic thingsdont go under a treelay down. you dont want to be the tallest thing while a lightning stormgo in the nearest car,truck,or building for safety

How do you stay safe under thunderstorm?

LIGHTNING KILLS MORE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY THAN TORNADOES, FLOODS OR HURRICANES.THUNDERSTORM ACTIVITY IS GREATEST DURING JULY AND AUGUST.These simple precautions can save lives during a lightning storm.Stay AlertMonitor local weather conditions regularly with a special weather radio or AM/FM radio.Recognize the signs of an oncoming thunder and lightning storm - towering clouds with a "cauliflower" shape, dark skies and distant rumbles of thunder or flashes of lightning. Do not wait for lightning to strike nearby before taking cover.Seek ShelterLook for a large, enclosed building when a thunder or lightning storm threatens. That's the best choice.If you are in a car and it has a hard top, stay inside and keep the windows rolled up.Avoid small sheds and lean-tos or partial shelters, like pavilions.Stay at least a few feet away from open windows, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, electric boxes and outlets, and appliances. Lightning can flow through these symptoms and "jump" to a person.Do not shower or take a bath during a thunder or lightning stormAvoid using regular telephones, except in an emergency. If lightning hits the telephone lines, it could flow to the phone. Cell or cordless phones, not connected to the building's wiring, are safe to use.(If_you_are_unable_to_reach_a_safe_building_or_car,_knowing_what_to_do_can_save_your_life.)">If you are caught outside: (If you are unable to reach a safe building or car, knowing what to do can save your life.)If your skin tingles or your hair stands on the end, a lightning strike may be about to happen. Crouch down on the balls of your feet with your feet close together. Keep your hands on your knees and lower your head. Get as low as possible without touching your hands or knees to the ground. DO NOT LIE DOWN!If you are swimming, fishing or boating and there are clouds, dark skies and distant rumbles of thunder or flashes of lightning, get to land immediately and seek shelter.If you are in a boat and cannot get to shore, crouch down in the middle of the boat. Go below if possible.If you are on land, find a low spot away from trees, metal fences, pipes, tall or long objects.If you are in the woods, look for an area of shorter trees. Crouch down away from tree trunks.Helping someone who is struck by lightningWhen someone is struck by lightning, get emergency medical help as soon as possible. If more than one person is struck by lightning, treat those who are unconscious first. They are at greatest risk of dying. A person struck by lightning may appear dead, with no pulse or breath. Often the person can be revived with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). There is no danger to anyone helping a person who has been struck by lightning - no electric charge remains. CPR should be attempted immediately. Treat those who are injured but conscious next. Common injuries from being struck by lightning are burns, wounds and fractures.

Is it safe to take a bath during a lighting storm?

No, well if you have no windows in the bathroon witch you probably do then its fine! I think... Just don't do it.

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