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Yes. The things in nasal spray won't make you sick. You could drink a whole bottle of the stuff and be unaffected. Almost all the the "stuff" in nasal spray is water. The other ingredients, depending on which brand and such, are designed for use in the nasal passages and will not harm the lungs if they are inhaled completely. They certainly won't affect your digestive tract.

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is it ok if you swallow nasal spray, i accedently did and i have a sore throat now like a burning feeling

Well no Call or getmedical help or contact a Poison Control Center

I did and i use water to get the taste out (did not work) ate food( worked some what but the best is insted of swallowing spit out what you are about to swallow

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Nasal spray was never intended to be swallowed. You might consider contacting your local poison control agency asap if this is so.

All outdated (expired) medication, whether it was issued by a prescription or bought over the counter, should be discarded soon after the expiration date.

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Call the poison control center instead of asking for advice from random people on the internet.

There are lots of different "nasal sprays" with varying effects, and the poison control center people know what's in each of them and what you need to do (which may vary from "nothing, you just drank salt water" to "get to an emergency room immediately").

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Q: Is it okay to swallow some nasal spray?
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Can you get addicted to using saline nasal spray?

For some people, yes.

Does the swine flu nasal spray hurt?

No it does not hurt. It is not much different than using a saline or nasal spray. The sensation is about the same, it can have some slight burning, but nothing that one would call "hurt" or "pain".

What is the safest over the counter medicine for nasal congestion?

The best and safest nasal decongestant would be Mucinex along with some type of nasal spray. Afrin makes nasal sprays and drops that deliver faster relief.

How is nicotine replacement therapy administered?

.forms approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) as of 2001--chewing gum, skin patch, nasal spray,and inhaler. nasal spray and inhaler are available only with a prescription. gum and some brands of the patch can be bought over the counter.

How do you get off of Dristan nasal spray?

Get some Sudafed at your local pharmacy (you'll probably have to sign for it). Take it EXACTLY AS DIRECTED for two or three days. Then stop, or take half-doses for two more days. That shoud do it. If there is still residual rebound effect from the nasal spray, breathe through your mouth for a day or two until it is over - and don't abuse nasal decongestants in the future.

What are the side effects of using Veramyst Nasal Spray?

Their isn't anything much more than nasal congestion. Aside from pills, nasal sprays are the best way to clear your nasal passages. Unfortunately, nasal sprays such as Veramyst come with some side effects. A few of the side effects include vision problems, head aches and nasal bleeding. Keep in mind, these are side effects that are rarely found to happen.

How do you unclog one side of your sinuses so you can breathe?

You can do a saline nasal wash (Google for directions), or just use a saline nasal spray. It helps a lot and you can use the nasal spray often, as it's not harmful. Use your thumb to put pressure on your face just below your eyes. Press as hard as you can stand too. You will feel tingling and it will hurt some. Hold it as long as you can, then when you let go, your nose should unclog.

What does Calcitonin Nasal spray look like?

i not really sure but i got some today and it is white my noes are killing as i just sniffed it all up :P

What happens if you swallow cooking spray?

Nothing. Its typically just cooking oil or olive oil. You can actually spray some types on your food for taste. Now I would not go swallowing gallons of the stuff, but a little will not hurt you.

What are some homemade allergy remedies?

You can use a saline nasal spray. It is just a little bit of warm water that you use, it is supposed to help rinse out the irritating pollen.

Is ocean nasal spray toxic?

No. As Ocean Nasal Spray only contains salt and water, and none of the chemicals that are found in some other brands, it is as safe as sea water. Which means, you don't want to drink it, but it's perfectly safe when used for its intended purpose. Actually, it also contains Benzalkonium Chloride. BZC have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people, especially on mucous membranes.

What would help with post nasal drip and bitter taste in mouth?

There is a nasal spray called Ocean (don't buy the generic versions.. they contain ingredients that are irritating). It consists of salt water, and is used to irrigate and heal the nasal passages. It works quite well for the problem you described and is recommended by many doctors.