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It's ok.

You will have prickly, itchy stubs. Professional waxing is better.

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Yes. The pubic area is very sensitive, however. You will want to use a nice sharp razor and very warm water. It may help to first apply a moist hot cloth to the area for a few minutes to prepare the skin. It will also help to use a really good shaving cream. Also using a mild or unscented lotion on the skin will help with a smoother shave. Be careful of applying a heavily perfumed lotion afterward however, because the skin will irritate very easily. the reason it's little harder to shave in the pubic area is because the hair is so course. There is a product that helps with razor rash called "Black Opal" that is used specifically for treating the area shaved when you have very course hair.

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Q: Is it okay to shave your private?
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